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Vom 30. November bis zum 2. Dezember 2018 wurde die 2. Internationale Tagung der Association of Vijñāptimātratā Studies von der Philosophischen Fakultät der Sun Yat-sen Universität in Guangzhou veranstaltet. Mehr als 50 Teilnhmer nahmen daran mit vielfältigen Beiträgen teil. 1. Reihe, Mitte: Ven. Huiren (Generalsekretär der Association), Prof. Ni Liangkang (Hauptveranstalter der Tagung), Haiyan Hu-von Hinüber (Generalsekretärin der Tagung).



Im August 2018 fand in der historischen Stadt Xi`an die erste "International Conference on Xuan Zang & Silk Road Culture" statt. Unter den mehr als 70 Teilnehmern nahm Haiyan Hu-von Hinüber auf besondere Einladung der Veranstalter für das IRIAABS Freiburg teil (1. Reihe, 5. v.r.).

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Haiyan Hu-von Hinüber unter den Teilnehmern der

Podiumsdisskusion zur Eröffnung der Tagung

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Fernseh-Interviews der ausländischen Gäste




An der 15. Internationalen Tagung der Buddhismusforschung in der Region Wuyue, die im November 2017 an der Hanghzhou Buddhist Academy stattfand, nahm Haiyan Hu-von Hinüber teil (1. Reihe, 11. v.r.). Auf dieser Tagung wurde die Association of Vijñāptimātratā Studies gegründet.



The members of the IRIAABS are involved in the following research, editing and translating projects of Buddhist texts:

Second International Conference of Indologists (November 2016, Shenzhen, China)

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In der ersten Reihe: 1. v.r.: Herr Prof. Yu Longyu (Center of Indian Studies, Shenzhen-Univ.); 6. und 7. v.r.: Frau Prof. H. Hu-v. Hinüber (Shandong-Univ./IRIAABS) und Herr Prof. Oskar von Hinüber (Akad. Mainz, Österreich und Frankreich); 13. v.r.: Herr Prof. Lokesh Chandra (Präsident des Indian Council of Cultural Relations, Delhi).


Dhammachai Tipitaka Project (Wat Phra Dhammakaya, Thailand).


 The Dhammachai Institute


 The participans of the Workshop (Aug. 2016)


 The editing team


Prof. von Hinüber gave a lecture.


A discussion between international scholars

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The Freiburger involved in the Project

(2) English translation of the Tibetan canonical texts "84000". Chapter 2: On the Rite of Restoration
གསོ་སྦྱོང་གི་གཞི། gso sbyong gi gzhi poṣadhavastu

(3) Critical Edition and German translation of the Pratimokshasutra (Mu).

Scholarships for MA and PhD Programs in "Chinese History and Buddhism"

Admission Brochure of Graduate Program for International Students
in Chinese History (Chinese Buddhism Program), South China Normal University

1. Application Requirements
1) Those applying for Master Program should at least have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent education.
Those applying for Doctoral Program should at least have a master’s degree or equivalent education.
2) Be foreigners below the age of fifty-five with good physical condition.
3) The applicant should hold attainment of old HSK at level 6 or new HSK at level 5.

2. Length of Schooling and Expenditures
1) Length of Schooling:3-4 years
2) Application Fee:420 RMB(self-paid)
3) Tuition: Master Program  19,000 RMB/YEAR  
Doctoral Program  25,000 RMB/YEAR
★The tuition of all officially registered students will be funded by Liuzu Temple of Sihui, Guangdong.

3. Semesters and Time of Enrollment
The school calendar of South China Normal University consists of two semesters. The Autumn Semester is from the beginning of September to the end of January of the next year. The Spring Semester is from the end of February to the beginning of July.
Graduate students of this program can choose either semester for enrollment.

4. Introduction of the Major (see Prospectus of Tuition Free Postgraduate Program for International Students in Chinese History (Chinese Buddhism Program), South China Normal University)

5. Application Time and Procedures
1) Application Time: Applicants can choose either the Autumn Semester or the Spring Semester for enrollment.
The deadline of application for the Autumn Semester is May, 10th every year.
The deadline of application for the Spring Semester is November, 10th every year.
The application material received after the deadline will be dealt with in next round.
2) Procedures: Applicants should prepare all the documents in the following list, and send them to School of History and Culture, South China Normal University
6. Application Documents
1) Application Form: Please register and apply via the website of online application for international students ( Print out the application form.
2) Graduation certificates and the degree certificates (notarized copies) of highest education. Fresh graduates should provide the original certificates of upcoming graduation. If these documents are not in Chinese or English, notarized Chinese or English equivalents should be provided.  
3) Transcript for all the courses in highest education stage (original or notarized copies). If not in Chinese or English, notarized Chinese or English equivalents should be provided.
4) HSK Certificates and Transcripts (original or notarized copies).
5) Personal Statement. It should include your study experience, work experience (if any), previous researches, study or research plan for graduate programs and so on.
6) Two letters of recommendation in Chinese or English from professors or associate professors.
7) Copy of your current passport.
8) Two identification photos (same size as the passport photo, paste one on the application form)
1)    If necessary, applicants will be required to supplement other documents.
2)    Applicants can provide other documents that serve as proof of all-around ability, like certificates of awards, letter of admission from other universities, etc.
3)    Application documents are nonrefundable in any situation.  

7. Admission
Under the guidelines of national admission policies, all the application documents will be examined in terms of the applicants’ educational background, language proficiency and all-round ability, etc. The qualified applicants will be informed for interviews by a committee consisting of supervisors from School of History and Culture, South China Normal University and Liuzu Temple of Sihui, Guangdong. A formal admission notice will be sent to those short-listed candidates.
The admission notice of the Autumn Semester will be sent from around the latter part of June to mid-July, the Spring Semester from the latter part of December to mid-January of the next year.

8. Insurance
According to the provisions of South China Normal University, all international students and exchange students must buy foreign students comprehensive medical insurance (self-paid) from Chinese Ping An Insurance (Group) Company.

9. Accommodation
Dormitory Type: Single Room
Facilities: cold and hot water, air conditioning, TV, telephone, independent restroom, desks, chairs, drinking machine, network socket
Price: RMB 2,000 per person per month
Public Facilities: washing machine and kitchen
Notes: The accommodation fee will be funded by Liuzu Temple of Sihui, Guangdong.

10. Contact Information
School of History & Culture, South China Normal University
E-mail: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!
TEL: +86 20 85211321
Fax: +86 20 85211321
Address: School of History & Culture, South China Normal University, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, Guangdong
Zip Code: 510631